From the Ground Up

GSI Learning Lab

Expect to brush up on science, learn innovative technology, dabble in engineering, embracing art through design, and math up a storm!   All the while, gaining skills required by employers to deploy green stormwater infrastructure in our community through a combination of individual on-line learning, group gatherings, and field visits. 

Boot Camp

It should say Boots on the Ground camp, as it is time to put learning into action! This is where we get our hands dirty and start the hard [sweaty] work that comes along with making a difference in our community!

What's In it For You?

With education and hands-on experience under your belt, along with a reference from GSI Works your skills will be put to good use.  The skills we focus on are in demand by landscape contractors, engineering firms, conservation organizations and municipal parks departments.  You may also decide to open shop and take the self-employment route.  In addition to immediate employment benefits you'll also have a clear picture of what it takes and how to go about furthering your education into a career profession, such as construction project management, GIS specialist or Civil Engineer.

Non-Profit Partners

We turn to the experts here for recommendations on recruits to the Learning Lab.  Our partners on this front are social service agencies serving those experiencing barriers to employment.  This includes unemployed and underemployed individuals such as female, head of households, people of color, veterans, and all living at or below the federal poverty threshold.  In addition to recruit recommendations, they also serve as partners in accountability throughout the program to further ensure Learning Lab Fellows succeed.

GSI Learning Lab

Launching Fall 2018