Resilient by Nature

Resilience Defined

Life can certainly pack a punch.  Resilience is a quality whereas individuals and communities knocked down by life to come back stronger than ever. Rather than letting circumstances beyond ones control overcome them and drain their resolve, resilient individuals and communities find ways to rise above the proverbial flood waters.

Resilience Envisioned

GSI Works recognizes the empowering opportunity two persistent societal realities present to strengthen resiliency as a whole and in one another.

It's not if, but when. Conventional engineering using gray infrastructure has been solely relied upon since Cedar Rapids was incorporated on January 15, 1849. Most growth since then, sixty-two percent to be exact, occurred prior to stormwater regulations even being in existence. The status quo, to this day, is engineering rain so it is quickly swept away.  

Making matters worse, is a changing rain pattern. The new rainfall norm is three inches of rain falling in twelve hours or less as opposed to one inch of rain falling over twenty-four hours.

The changing rain pattern coupled with an undersized and overburdened storm sewer system leads to localized flooding occurring with greater frequency.  History has proven neighbors and neighborhoods throughout the city, especially those close to the Cedar River (also our urban core), are negatively impacted most by this new reality. 

Demographics warrant that those residing in these impacted neighborhoods can least afford the turmoil and associated water damage caused by localized flooding. They are also the neighborhoods most likely to have the highest populations with significant barriers to employment.* 

*Supporting statistics are available upon request for the hungry number cruncher(s) among us.